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Online Privacy Statement

Effective July 14, 2011

Explore® Information Services, LLC understands your concerns about privacy. We hope that this notice, which describes our use and protection of nonpublic personal information ("customer information"), will help you understand how we treat the customer information that we obtain from you or other sources in the course of providing you with products and services.

Information Collected

As you browse through, Explore collects no personal information. You are anonymous as you browse.

Explore does collect certain identifying information in order to provide certain product overviews.  Explore does not share this information with any other parties.  Explore will collect logging information such as what pages were viewed, what browser was used, and similar information to help build and update the website. No data related to the individual browsing the site is collected. Once registered with Explore to access any or all online offerings, Explore only collects personal information required to obtain the reports ordered by our customers, comply with data retention requirements under applicable federal law, and prepare accurate and appropriate billing statements. We treat personal information securely and confidentially. We limit access to personal information to only those persons who must have and are entitled to the information to provide our products and services to our customers. These persons are trained on the importance of safeguarding this information and must comply with internal security procedures and applicable law. We meet strict physical, electronic, and procedural security standards to protect personal information and maintain internal procedures to maintain the safety of that information.

We want you to know that Explore respects your privacy and protects your information.

  • We do not sell customer information.
  • We do not share customer information with persons, companies, or organizations that would use that information to contact you or your customers about their own products or services.
  • Within Explore, we communicate regarding the need to protect your information to those individuals who may have access to it, and we've established safeguards to protect your information.
  • Explore’s website is not directed at children under the age of 13.


All users using websites that allow access to confidential information or personal data are assigned login credentials. Login credentials are configured to allow access to specific types of confidential information according to the user's specific requirements. These sites use industry standard SSL encrypted sessions. File traffic (where appropriate) is encrypted.

Information Use

All information provided is treated as confidential. Explore does not, and will not, pass any personal information collected through the website to any other third party.


On some sites, Explore may use "cookies" to store information while a user is working with a site. You may set your web browser to refuse cookies or alert you before accepting them.

Privacy Acts

Motor vehicle records and other reports used in underwriting insurance have been identified as consumer reports. As such, use of these reports must comply with, to the extent applicable:

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB)

As a consumer reporting agency, Explore strives to protect the privacy of consumer information. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Explore's Subscription Agreement, customers agree to not disclose consumer information to a third party. Explore does not sell personal or business information for marketing or solicitation purposes.

Storage Policy of Business Information and Consumer Rports

In compliance with the law, Explore must retain your business identity and related reports use for a minimum of five years. Explore must be able to identify the end user of a consumer report to federal or state jurisdiction and upon request will provide the information to the requesting jurisdiction.

Changes to this Policy

Explore may revise this Online Privacy Statement from time to time. If Explore makes any material changes to this Online Privacy Statement, Explore will update the date indicated above so you can monitor for material changes and impacts to you since your prior visit.

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